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5 documentaries to watch on Netflix

For the last few years Netflix have been bringing it with their original documentaries. Some of the best documentaries of the past few years, in my opinion, have been commisioned by Netflix. Whilst it might not be the obvious place to look for a documentary to watch, here are 5 of it’s best offerings.


Fyre completely blew my mind when I first watched it. The final result was well publicized because of the legal proceedings that followed. So watching this documentary is like being on board a train that you know is going to crash. But watching this utter train wreck unfold is, none the less, incredibly gripping and a must watch.


Blackfish made waves (see what I did there) when it was released and led to widespread boycotting of Seaworld parks in the US. Made following the high profile deaths of several killer whale trainers, this documentary explores the ethics of breeding such beautiful and intelligent creatures in captivity.

The Bleeding Edge

The Bleeding Edge gives insight into pharmaceutical industry. It proposed the the industry plays a role in making people sick and obviously, that is followed by the solution to the cure and makes money. Controversial? Yes. Just a conspiracy? Maybe. Thought provoking? Definitely.

The Bomb

A military based documentary highlighting the scores of The Rock Group, a music band. Nuclear testing, bomb blasts, and military drilling form the major part of this documentary. Packed with a thrilling build up and squeaky narration makes it particularly nail-biting.


You’re likely to have seen, or at least heard of, the MTV series of the same name. A love story turned into thriller provides a case study based on the psychological aspects of individuals who engage in relationships with people online whilst pretending to be someone else.

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  1. I love a documentary and haven’t watched any of these yet so thank you!

  2. We love Netflix and documentaries. We haven’t watched any of these yet thanks for the tips.

  3. I love a good documentary. I keep meaning to watch Blackfish but I know it will be so upsetting.

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