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This summer my children are 3 and 4, so we have started to do movie nights a couple of times a week during the school holidays. We have PrimeTV, Sky Cinema and Netflix but most of our picks to watch seem to be coming from Netflix. Our criteria when choosing films to keep the kids attention are: fully animated, modern animation,  good for adults too, and characters that aren’t just humans. Here are 5 films you could chose if you want to do the same!

Over The Hedge

A gang of neighbourhood critters work together to steal food from humans to survive. A simple concept but very well done, with lots of funny scenes of familiar animal encounters from real life from the perspective of the animals. This film is funny, has a decent plot, and the animals are cute for the kids to look at!


Kids absolutely love Minions and they’ve finally brought it to Netflix and swapped it with Despicable Me 2. Let’s be honest, the minion scenes are the best bit of the original films anyway. So 91 minutes of uninterrupted minion fun a dream come true for my youngest in particular! Minions is a prequel to the despicable me films and shows how they came to work for the criminal mastermind Gru. A sure fire winner.

How To Train Your Dragon

This was the film we watched our first ever movie night, which has led to the kids asking to watch the TV series (a Netflix original) quite regularly. So it must have been a hit! A young Viking boy with a pushy father is trained to catch and kill dragons, but instead befriends the fiercest dragon of them all and together they uncover a big secret. A really lovely film which is great for all ages. In fact it’s one of my Mum’s favourite films!

The Cat In The Hat

I always think watching a film adaptation of a book that your children love Is a pretty safe bet when looking for a film to keep their attention. (FYI – all the Julia Donaldson adaptations are available on BBC iplayer – another massive winner). This Dr Seuss children’s classic is visually wonderful, with bold bright colours and a simple storyline for young children to follow.

Puss In Boots

I recommend this with a tinge of sadness that Shrek is no longer on Netflix, but in our house Puss In Boots has taken it’s place. Released after, but set before Shrek 2, whilst on the run from the law Puss In Boots embarks upon an adventure entwining nursery rhymes such as Jack and Jill, Jack and the Beanstalk and Humpty Dumpty. The mix of familiar characters makes it a film that is easy for children to get on board with.

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  1. We love the cat in the hat books so this is definitely going on our list! Some great recommendations x

  2. We love the How To Train Your Dragon films, there are so many ideas here!

  3. How To Train Your Dragon is one of our favourites! Will definitely check out the others.

  4. We have a family movie night once a week and my daughter loves minions

  5. The minions (all of the movies) are a very big hit in our house I can totally recommend them.

  6. This look lovely, will put them on my list!

  7. These are great recommendations. I have three boys under 5 so they would love all of these.

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