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It’s great to set personal goals in life. Maybe you want to make more effort with friends or call your Mum more often. Or maybe you want to make or save more money, improve your business or increase your performance at work. Perhaps you want to spend more time looking after yourself and start a new hobby, exercise more or read more. Here are 5 inspiring Netflix picks to feel motivated and inspired.


Everyone loves an underdog, don’t they? Each of the 8 episodes in this series interviews 8 sports people who overcame huge setbacks before finding success. Stories you probably haven’t heard before, but each of them reached their goals even though all the odds seemed to be against them. A reminder that even when it seems impossible, keep going and you will get there.

Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill’s Brain

Bill Gates is the world’s second richest man, worth over $100 billion. Whatever your opinion of capitalism, he is successful. This documentary explores what motivates him now, as well as during his time at Microsoft. He only has a very small role at Microsoft now at the age of 64, because instead he focuses his efforts on charitable causes. This glimpse inside the mind of a self-made billionaire will show you that anything is possible.

A Year In Space

On the 27th of March American astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian astronaut Mikhial Kornienko left Earth for the International Space station, where they spend 340 days orbiting Earth. The mission was an experiment to see whether humans could ensure such a long time in space, to explore what the limits of human space travel could be. This 10 episode series documents the effects on the astronauts and their families during the mission. An example of great mental strength.

Fire Chasers

The annual wildfires that engulf California each summer are well documented on the news. But this series takes a deeper look into what the firefighters and other members of the fire service face to protect lives and property from the flames. Using headcams and crews on the ground this is the closest you’ll get to understanding the enormous risk these men and women take to protect others.

Dream Big: Engineering Our World

Dream Big is narrated by Jeff Bridges, and shines a spotlight on the individuals who pushed the limits of what the world thought was possible. From the tallest buildings in the world, robots which can travel to the bottom of the ocean, and cars that run on solar power, these feats of engineering required creativity, ingenuity and bravery to create. Only 42 minutes long, this is a quick reminder that you can do it no matter what anyone says.

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  1. I am definitely in need of some motivation at the moment. I have added some of these to my list.
    Thank you 😊

  2. Some great shows here .

    1. Let me know if you try any

  3. A year in space sounds really good!

    1. Definitely worth a watch!

  4. Spoilt for choice – fabulous collections

  5. I will definitely be taking a look at these. Inside Bill’s brain looks interesting x

    1. It is! It’s refreshing to see one of the very wealthy being a bit selfless

  6. Oh I do love my Netflix! New ones here to binge on, thank you!

  7. Oh I haven’t heard of half of these and definintely need something new to watch.

  8. I like the sound of Bills Brain

  9. I love Netflix so much great series to watch

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