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One thing that lockdown 2020 has taught me is that I need time alone to myself. Being holed up with the family for 4 months has made me realise that I need time to myself every now and then. These suggestions are for those nights of telly, a facemask, doing your nails, plucking your unruly eyebrows for the first time in 6 weeks, I’m sure you can imagine it. So I want to watch something that I can follow while half-doing something else, no real surprises or suspense, just easy viewing. Here are my 5 picks!

Clueless (Netflix)

Clueless Movie Poster

This doesn’t really need an introduction but in case you haven’t seen it before… Released in 1995, this cult classic high school movie stars Alicia Silverstone, Brittany Murphy and Paul Rudd (who literally looks the same. 25 years later the man hasn’t aged). Once of the first (and best) coming of age-high school- teenage problems movies, it’s still popular 25 years later for a reason!

Eurovision Song Contest: The Song Of Fire Saga (Netflix)


If you hate Eurovision just skip reading this part. Actually just leave. I LOVE Eurovision. Like I really love it. I go to Eurovision parties and events and top of my bucket list is going to actual Eurovision. Whilst this film isn’t as good as the real deal (to be fair nothing is) it’s still an absolutely ridiculous joy to watch.

Dreamgirls (Netflix)

Dreamgirls movie poster

If you haven’t seen it before, Dreamgirls has a huge cast including Beyoncé, Jennifer Hudson, Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy. The film follows the struggles of a black, soul trio managed by Jamie Foxx trying to make it big. Fortunately in the process they produce a soundtrack of massive hits to be used as TV talent show audition picks for year to come. The gift that keeps on giving, after watching Dreamgirls you’ll be playing the soundtrack on repeat for weeks.

Knocked Up (Netflix)

There was a time in my twenties where the premise of this film was my biggest fear so I couldn’t watch it. But now I’m older and done having children this is a film I can watch over and over again and not get bored. As the title suggests, Alison (Katherine Heigl) gets Knocked Up after a one night stand with stoner Ben (Seth Rogan). The film then follows the pair as they try to deal with pregnancy and prepare for a baby with a complete stranger.

The Hustle (Netflix)

This is another fairly new addition to Netflix so one you might not have seen. Josephine (Anne Hathaway) plays a sophisticated con artist who teams up with another fraudster Penny (Rebel Wilson). Rebel plays the same character she plays in every film she’s in, which I’m not complaining about. The unlikely pair team to target a young billionaire and try to pull off their biggest score yet.

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