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If you are a superhero fan and have just subscribed to Netflix, then GOOD NEWS! Netflix have tons of superhero movies that you can watch, although it doesn’t compare to the offering on Disney+. Let us suggest you top 5 Netflix movies for you watch.

Fantastic Four

I’ll start by saying this film panned by most people, and received many awards for being terrible. After sneaking into an alternate universe, four friends end up in a horrible accident and become “fantastic”. Or grotesquely disfigured, I’ll let you decide. The foursome find themselves with new powers they need to learn to control to save the world. The original sequel to this film was cancelled, but the rights have since been acquired by Marvel who are looking to create the sequel, making the original worth a watch.

Justice League

Justice League is DC’s answer to the Avergers. Directed by Zach Snyder, Batman teams up with Wonder Woman to assemble a team of superheroes to defeat the evil and powerful Steppenwolf. Panned by critics but generally enjoyed by audiences.

The Phantom

With an attractive stunt and sceneries from Simon Wincer, we get a superhero movie, The Phantom. Billy Zane as the phantom travels to New York to stop a rich madman from taking three magical skulls that will give him the supreme power. Watch different adventures surrounding the scenario and you’ll really be amazed.

X-Men 2

With the special effects, attractive stars and fun scene, this movie is going to be amazing. This sequel is much better than the first one. Night crawler attempts to assassinate the president of USA. Meanwhile, Williams Stryker attacks the X’s school. The students have to unite and prevent the enemy from winning. Watch this adventure filled superhero movie now.


A funny take on superhero films is Kick-Ass. The funny, thrilling and violent superhero movie is based on Mark Miller’s comics. An ordinary high school boy who is a comic book fan decides to become a superhero. Even though he has no special powers at all. This one has a cracking storyline and is hilarious at the same time.

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  1. Omg finally someone who agrees with me that Xmen 2 was better than the first Xmen haha! My diehard superhero friends always argue with me that the first one is better but it’s not!!!!! 😂🤣

    1. Without thinking too deeply about it, I would say that every xmen film improves on the last, controversial?! Although I haven’t seen dark phoenix yet so can’t comment on that

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