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If you, like me, have finished watching Selling Sunset season 3 you will likely be feeling a great loss now that there is no more to watch. I only got into it after season 3 came out for watched all 3 seasons  in about 4 days. Needless to say I loved it and I now have withdrawal symptoms. In case you haven’t watched it yet and need convincing, Selling Sunset is a documentary/ reality show about the staff working at a luxury real estate group in Beverly Hills. There’s tours of amazing houses, amazing parties and loads of drama and it’s just trashy and completely brilliant.

Here are some programs I’m thinking of watching next (alongside all of the Selling Sunset cast’s insta stories).

Edit 30.08.2020: So Netflix decided to release the obvious answer to “What To Watch Next After Selling Sunset” like two days after I published this. It is, of course, Million Dollar Beach House which is basically Selling Sunset, but instead of selling Beverly Hills they’re in the Hamptons, and instead of the realtors being bad ass women they’re men trying to compensate for something. I’ve watched 3 episodes and it just isn’t as good, doesn’t really have any likable cast members and I wouldn’t recommend you bother to be honest.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Netflix)

This is what I chose to start watching this week after finishing Selling Sunset. I’m only a couple of episodes in but so far so good! Some of these women are familiar to me from the sidebar of shame after spearing in 10 seasons worth of drama now. If you’re looking to see more Beverly Hills real estate filled with dramatic women, join me with this one and let me know how you get on.

This is Us (Amazon Prime)

*Selling Sunset Spoiler Alert*

One of the main events to happen in season 3 was the ending of Chrishelle’s marriage. My first reaction was to cry (obvs) and feel absolutely devastated for her. My second reaction was “who the hell is Justin Hartley anyway?” Which leads us here. In the series it’s mentioned that he wasn’t that famous when Chrishelle and Justin met, and it turns out his new found success was from his role in This Is Us. It’s won quite a few awards and has good reviews so I’m going to give it a go in the next couple of weeks (and swear every time I see Justin).

Tiny House Nation (Netflix)

Pretty much every episode of Selling Sunset provided us with a tour of a multimillion dollar mansion, putting the size of my own home into perspective!  Tiny House Nation sees two renovation experts travel across America and help people design and build tiny homes which maximise the small amount of space they have. Hopefully these tiny homes should offset my feelings of inferiority from looking at mega mansions! I’m getting George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces vibes but American from this one.

The Big Flip (Amazon Prime)

Ever since I was in my mid teens, on school holidays and waking up to watch Homes Under The Hammer on BBC1 I’ve loved the idea of flipping properties. They make it look so easy! However as I’ve grown up I’ve realised that unfortunately I have no talent in anything to do with home improvements so it probably isn’t for me. The Big Flip follow a pair of American Business Partners who try to flip four houses within a year. The reviews I can find are quite poor though so I will watch and report back!

A Place in the Country/A Place in The Sun (All 4)

I haven’t watched this in so long, but it really brings back weekdays as a student memories for me! I like to think that the producers of Selling Sunset got the idea from the show from watching A Place In the Sun It’s basically a British version ie. Smaller and more reserved. So instead of “I HATE THIS HOUSE WHY DID YOU SHOW IT TO ME” you get “It’s not quite what I had in mind”. My personal fave version is A place in the sun: home or away where one person wants to buy a house in the UK and the other wants to move abroad, cue the drama (not really).

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